Thursday, April 3, 2008

studio day

me and lizzie spent the day in the studio after i went to desert discussion, where in a fit of shocking honesty, hannah announced to the class that she like "watching films and hanging out with her friends." as a good friend that she likes watching films with, i had to say the same so that everyone wouldn't look at just her weird. then it got totally overshadowed by this annoying girl whose quirky fact was that she had a cat named "purr monster." TOO KOOKY! how much maroon can you take? this place, man....

anyway, lizzie and i had extra crispy hashbrowns and got to work. i had to do this drawing assignment where i try to compose a picture in relation to an excerpt of a mallarme poem -not illustrate it though. the fragment i received in class was about being born of stars and stars being born and did all this stuff with tense and time. i thought that it would look like a lot of fireworks so that is what i tried to draw.

obviously, it is not finished, but you get the picture.

i was whizzing along until i got distracted by realizing what was around me. the studio was so fucking funny i couldn't get anything done. everywhere i looked uchicago was putting expressive whoopie cushions all over the place.

somebody's still life. i CANNOT wait to see how this turns out.

why do i even bother when there are geniuses like this at work next to me?

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