Wednesday, February 27, 2008

tag of war


who needs work when you have snacks?

who needs to do homework when you can just go to the snack shop over and over like you are preparing for y2k?

as you can see, i like to keep a balanced diet of both pirate and cowboy spokes characters.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Today in my Theories of Media class, our professor, the esteemed W.J.T. Mitchell said the most important thing I have ever heard. In expounding, aimlessly, endlessly on the media as the extentions of our body, the shifting sensoria/um and its porous boundary with the world, he started listing common mechanical models of the brain: brain as switchboard, brain as archive, brain as supercomputer. and in his ruminations he struck gold:

the brain as photoshop.

He looked startled at his own greatness, his gold t. rex earring glinting. Here is it, the editor of Critical Inquiry at his finest. Not only is our brain filled with images, like photoshop, but! we also have the ability to -get ready for it- alter them in certain ways! So much so that the unreal can start to seem -hold on- realer than the real! I mean, who needs consciousness when we have the ability to store images- and if we really want to get fancy- change them?!

Needless to say, with insights like this, my note taking has become furious.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

baby tigers

holy shit. is there even a way to deal with how fucking cute this baby tiger is? this is fucked up.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


recipe for happiness number like 3
(can be done in any order)

-learn about nim chimpsky, great verbal hope
-skip homework to go to bar
-exchange scary stories with friends over pitchers
-talk to long-distance crush on telephone
-watch pete and pete (especially episode entitled "hard day's pete") while falling asleep
-wake up on the right side of the bed
-drink green machine and check e-mail in bed
-do dishes in underwear listening to 24hr revenge therapy
-get dressed to bluesy music
-put on shades and brace for the cold

(NOT nim chimpsky)

Monday, February 18, 2008

bud smokers only/ king kat

note the subtle commentary in the substitution of weed for laurels. there is something more than haunting about his coy, knowing smile. you trickster.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

jam shesh

holy shit

is jonas mekas crying after playing the accordion with harmony korine?

god, jonas mekas is one of my favorite people ever. great art, attitude and hat choices. if you haven't watched these before, take a minute to browse the jonas mekas 365 series. they are so fucking good.
365 series

Thursday, February 14, 2008

stupid's arrow

no rules.

no plans.

no valentine.

no problem.

(faile stencil from amsterdam)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

hey, you know what's cool?

when you're walking through puddles of slush but it's not getting you down. then you go to the sandwich spot and you're getting your FAVIE sandwich and the old dude behind the counter totally gives you the hook-up on roasted red peppers and avocado and then fucking 'heart-shaped box' comes on the radio in the deli. and then, even though it is colder than fucking antarctica, you got a spring in your step on your way to eat your sammie with your best friend while talking about crushes and making fun of failed spectacle critique.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

skeleton news art opening, or don't fucking tell me to shut up -ever

in attending the skeleton news 'art' show (their scare quotes. i'd have put them around show not art, personally), i got into no less than three fights -probably more but i was almost blacked-out.

fight 1:
this girl i had met in minneapolis at the art shanties was being really fucking insulting and talking down to me super bad like i didn't know anything about art. so after a few minutes of it, i just looked at her and was like "i don't understand why you're bothering to talk to me if you think i'm so stupid. it's totally inappropriate to make other people feel bad so you can feel more validated in discussing art. fuck you." i was also wasted. and then we argued for a while and she apologized which did not make me feel better about the interaction because i know, if given the chance, she would do it again.

fight 2:
this french dude was trying to hit on me for a really long time and i clearly wasn't into it. and then was like (in french accent): "i know you are a lesbian but do you think we can make out anyway?" what the fuck! so i started trying to explain to him why that was fucked up/stupid.

fight 3:
and then while trying to get this french dude to not 1)skeeze out on me 2)figure out why this was the third person this week that thought i was a lesbian (which is obv cool and everything) 3)get this dick to get why saying that is totally not cool regardless of how i identify, this other super annoying serious guy was all "can you be quiet please? my friend is about to start a performance." and i was all "no fucking way!" and tried to explain to this dude (who was wearing an unbearably stupid hat too) why 1)you can't tell me to shut up ever 2) if you understood what we were talking about you would totally get why i wasn't being my normal respectful (quiet) art lover self so you should listen to the urgency of what i am trying to convey 3) no seriously, you don't get to tell me to shut up, asshole.

it was by far the most exciting opening i have been to in a long time, even if the lights were too low to see the art if one could even get close to it which you couldn't because it was way too crowded. i got to hang out with lizzie and she said i was explaining things with my hips all night which i think means i was excited and having fun. granted, as it was hannah's birthday, i had been drunk since brunch and was all reved up because we ate awesome food and then watched rubin and ed and saw hamilton's article on drugs that just came out in vice.

goals: more fights at art shows, getting my cat to eat a whole watermelon


So, I like to think that I know myself pretty well. And I have often thought about the many ways I am and am not like my favorite cartoon characters. For instance, I one time told someone that Cathy was my negative spirit animal. By which I meant, the part of myself that i am least satisfied with are the exact traits that are taken to a gross extreme by Cathy: insecurity, empty consumption, butt dimple anxieties. In a great time wasting attempt today before Hannah came over I was google image searching ('gising,' if you will) 'beach garfield.' On an UNOFFICIAL Garfield site, I found this description of Garfield:

Garfield was born in the kitchen of Mamma Leoni's Italian restaurant in 1978. He was 5 pounds 6 ounces. His birth in a Italian restaurant explains why Garfield loves lasagna. The restaurant owner, forced to choose between Garfield and closing his doors for lack of pasta, sold Garfield to a pet store. Garfield thought he was a goner until Jon Arbuckle walked in the door and bought him. Ever since he lives with his owner, Jon, his slobbery canine pal, Odie, and his teddy bear, Pooky.

But why is Garfield called Garfield? Because when Jim Davis needed a name for his character, he thought of his grandfather, James A. Garfield Davis, a big, cantankerous, cynical man. The name just seemed to fit the personality and shape of thew character. And so Garfield the cat was born.

The Garfield comic strip debuted in 41 newspapers on June 19, 1978. It now appears in more than 2300 newspapers around the world.

But what makes Garfield so lovable? It's simple...people relate to him because he is them. "He's a human in a cat suit," as creator Jim Davis likes to say. Garfield loves TV and hates Mondays. He'd rather pig out than work out; in fact, his passion for food and sleep is matched only by his aversion to spinach, diet and exercise. Very strong coffee is the only way to start the day. What could be more human?

People also identify with, and revel in, Garfield's sassy brand of humor. Garfield is quick-witted and he never hesitates to say the things that people -- young or old -- would like to say, in a way they'd like to say them. But he's never socially unacceptable....just tastefully outrageous!

But Garfield is not all sass and sarcasm; he also has a soft side. He really loves his teddy bear, Pooky, and deep down, he loves Jon and Odie, too.

It's easy to see that Garfield is a well-rounded character and a real classic.



Also, I didn't know that such a thing as Garfield Inspired Fan Art existed. I have dubbed it gARTfield.
In light of today's revelation, these seemed the most pertinent.

I have to say, this is a big day.

book report

I mean I really LUV my schoolwork sometimes. Like today, after fighting off a vicious hangover with Lizzie in the coldest diner ever, i really enjoyed reading John Paul Ricco's The Logic of the Lure. Ricco uses gay cruising spots as a model for reconsidering the value of a located and permanent identity and relationality.

"What if we neither began nor ended with identity? What if the abandonment of this hermeneutic/progressivist trajectory forced a relinquishing of (re)productive forces of doing culture, say as sociological mapping, anthropological description and art historical representation? Which is to ask, along with William Haver: what if we stopped looking for either a method or an object for our research and theorizing? What if we were no longer impressed by permanence, longevity and a certain museological artifactuality rendered as evidence?... What if we were to think sex and space beyond positivizing logics of reification, commodification and privatization? In the end, what if we were to substitute something like a cruising ground for an epistemological ground?"

Q: What's sexier than art history interested in literally fucking (the system)?
A: Nothin.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

winter blues

now it's really winter. it's frustrating because i get all wound up, excited like usual, but without much to put it towards besides school.

i just got all dressed up

with no war to go.

Monday, February 4, 2008


so, in my usual good planning, i went to minneapolis in february. it might be the coldest place i could get to for under 20 bucks.

luckily, i got to hang out with amy and stella all weekend.

this weekend was the annual alleycat stuperbowl. amy's house was a stop called the "hot chick house." we made everyone get moustace fingers and get their photo taken before getting their stamp.

amy with her stache

stella's stache!

we ate more than i have ever eaten in my life and it was all so fucking good.
stella and i really bonded.

amy took me to the ICE MUSEUM which is part of the ART SHANTY PROJECT. It is an art installation best described as a bunch of temporary shacks on a frozen lake.

she, shanai and dain made this museum dedicated to the study of ice and ice culture in the shape of an ice molecule. or should i say mole-COOL?

from the ice museum displays.

there were some other really cool shanties including this mobile, human-powered vehicle.

Among my favorite things was the S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. shanty. S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L stands for " Serious Undertakings Regarding Visionary Investigations Into the Vital Attributes of Longevity," obviously. Amy and I hung out in here with a bunch of plane crash survivors who had newman-o's and beer and an otis redding tape they played through a talkboy (delux!). I learned alot of things, but mostly not to make the obvious jokes about cannibalism. eg: "is that human burgers i smell?" will make you no friends at the survival shanty. crushing wit and beer, however, will. (see post below for far more interesting cannibal commentary)

the whole thing was pretty great. generally speaking, i like space and imaginary narratives concretized through trash. i came prepared and wasn't too cold.

I also really like Amy and her dog Stella. I knew Stella and I would be close when I noticed that she sleeps under covers, hates mornings and loves mate in bed.


This Wednesday is the first ever REEL GENIUS DOUBLE FEATURE. This week's theme is CANNIBALISM. Hannah and I would like to invite you to to eat popcorn while watching two very different movies about eating people and documentary making.


7PM this wednesday at
Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St

THE EMPEROR’S NAKED ARMY MARCHES ON (120 min, japan, 1987)
After getting out of jail for the murder of a real estate agent, world war ii
veteran Okuzaki Kenzo attempts to find the source of the mysterious deaths of several of his fellow soldiers, which he suspects were acts of cannibalism. Almost 40 years after the war ended, Okuzaki violently interrogates dying soldiers in an attempt to find the truth about these cannibalistic acts, closing the gap between his aggression and the crimes of his subjects. Documentarian Kazuo Hara films his final and most elaborate attempt to overthrow the emperor system in Japan.

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (95 min, italy, 1980)
A professor goes in search of four missing filmmakers, only to discover footage of their attempted documentary on cannibal tribes in South America. As he watches the footage, he witnesses the obscenely sensational behavior of the filmmakers' interactions with the South American tribes. In what appears to be an attempt to form a critique of contemporary culture, director Rugerro Deodato forms a horrifying, racist construction of tribal cultures.