Monday, February 4, 2008


so, in my usual good planning, i went to minneapolis in february. it might be the coldest place i could get to for under 20 bucks.

luckily, i got to hang out with amy and stella all weekend.

this weekend was the annual alleycat stuperbowl. amy's house was a stop called the "hot chick house." we made everyone get moustace fingers and get their photo taken before getting their stamp.

amy with her stache

stella's stache!

we ate more than i have ever eaten in my life and it was all so fucking good.
stella and i really bonded.

amy took me to the ICE MUSEUM which is part of the ART SHANTY PROJECT. It is an art installation best described as a bunch of temporary shacks on a frozen lake.

she, shanai and dain made this museum dedicated to the study of ice and ice culture in the shape of an ice molecule. or should i say mole-COOL?

from the ice museum displays.

there were some other really cool shanties including this mobile, human-powered vehicle.

Among my favorite things was the S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. shanty. S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L stands for " Serious Undertakings Regarding Visionary Investigations Into the Vital Attributes of Longevity," obviously. Amy and I hung out in here with a bunch of plane crash survivors who had newman-o's and beer and an otis redding tape they played through a talkboy (delux!). I learned alot of things, but mostly not to make the obvious jokes about cannibalism. eg: "is that human burgers i smell?" will make you no friends at the survival shanty. crushing wit and beer, however, will. (see post below for far more interesting cannibal commentary)

the whole thing was pretty great. generally speaking, i like space and imaginary narratives concretized through trash. i came prepared and wasn't too cold.

I also really like Amy and her dog Stella. I knew Stella and I would be close when I noticed that she sleeps under covers, hates mornings and loves mate in bed.

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