Monday, April 28, 2008

a giant WTF?

i have trying to work diligently, exclusively on my thesis. i have curbed my chronic e-mail checking, my incessant updating of the page and even my need for endless bottles bourgeois iced tea. i hadn't looked at crappy news in a while either. then i went to check my yahoo account there was this listing of news events:

Police: Austrian kids locked in basement, never saw sunlight (AP)
31 of 53 teen girls at FLDS ranch are pregnant or had baby (AP)
Pa. man charged with pushing friend into coal mine (AP)

seriously? i didn't read the news for like 2 days and i missed this kind of insane development? who locks their children and incestuously produced grandchildren in a basement for their entire lives? also, in what other country besides austria would they interview a baker for this news story? (racist!) who pushes a friend into a coal mine? (some friend!)
did the world go crazy while i was on the fourth floor of the reg this week? what gives?

three days and counting!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

the kind of prank i can really get behind.

What's funnier than a gorilla chasing bananas through a school? Nothing.


Terror, originally uploaded by michaelshowalter.

how i am feeling, as rendered by mr. michael showalter.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


everything about this is so good: its capturing of a complex friendship, the setting of a fire escape in new york, her deadpan stare with taut lips, his warm smirk and bulging veins.
talk about style icons! -did you see her shirt?

claire says this picture of mike and me from last summer (for the microcosm website) reminded her of the one of patti and robert.

did you notice that our hands are in the same position? i think my facial expression is more like mapplethorpe's but more pinched and pensive than affectionately, outwardly proud. i think the coincidental contrast of the brick verses the limestone block background brings in the specificity of place nicely. when i was really little, i hated the limestone blocks that make up most of the older buildings in bloomington. as i got older and realized they were particular to our region in south-central indiana, i got really stoked on them aesthetically. i started appreciating the way their craggy sides were left in tact rather than thinking they were too chunky and brutalist. plus i love swimming here:

thesis thesis thesis. does anyone care what i have to say about the meaning of an anarchist avant-garde? because, apparently, i have a lot to say about it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


i knew was bad at the internet, but this is ridiculous: I GOT INDENTITY THEFTED 4REALZ.
i had to cancel my credit card and everything. this is so fucked up.

i was all ready to hate the internet forever (foreverever) and then i found this:

i'd meet him at the mall any day.

Monday, April 14, 2008

song to abe lincoln

i mean, i am pretty good at some things. but, the using the internet does not number among them. normally, this isn't a problem. i can manage google image searching for dogs in costume and can navigate jstor fairly well. but, i really wanted to proclaim to the world just how much i love roky erickson's "song to abe lincoln." i wanted to put the song on here, but i don't know how to do that. and i couldn't decipher the directions on the blogger help page. the entries that i found were just about putting songs on to play in background while people read your blog. the song, while my current favie, would be really creepy as a score to any blog really because it is sort of about abraham lincoln's corpse. as you may or may not know, lincoln was embalmed extensively, so much so that when his body was exhumed in 1901 to be put into a safer tomb to thwart potential grave robbers, he had not decomposed at all. his clothes were mildewy, but his lanky body was perfectly intact.

this photo is from in 1865 when his body was lying in state. you can sort of make out his face. well, that is what it would look like now if you were to get ten feet under ground, into the steel cage covered in 4000 pounds of concrete in springfield, illinois (except no eyebrows apparently). in all, lincoln's casket has been moved 17 times and opened 5 times.

i am not sure that the song is really about his corpse as much as it is about the affective inverse for that wellworn americanism about any dumb kid growing up to be president. roky's song (and his abe) are about the experience of isolation that he treats as universal where we are all afraid of spending our lives undiscovered in log cabins in the woods. he promises "we will seek you out, we will find you..." potentially directed to these lost abes of the world, this we is never defined. it is about the comfort in being both sought and in seeking another. the drums in it are incredible and it ends with this really eerie refrain of "white house white house white house" that it is hard not sing along to even though is made creepier by the music stopping abruptly giving the feeling of erickson's voice literally hovering after the song (haunty). i knew it was gonna be my new favorite song when i heard it start with the lyric "we are all so special."

why are you still reading this? go listen to the 30 second sample at the itunes store already.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the many hats of rebecca giordano



lately, i have been working on my ba thesis. it is pretty cool, and going okay but i have a pretty serious procrastination problem which is certainly not helped by either MATT FURIE or JOHN LURIE.

matt furie just had an opening in san francisco at adobe books. see?

there is so much to look at in these!!! plus, matt furie is the author of boys club, the single funniest thing i have read since that Laurie Weeks piece "My Massive Feelings".

this is one my favorite Lurie's, "My Name is Skinny. I am a Horse and I Want to Have Sex With Your Wife. Okay?" I don't wanna say that his paintings are bad, I DO wanna say that his titles are fucking GREAT.

this is a lurie paiting called "Surprise!." It is an internet phenomenon in Russia. It is, apparently, really cool to change the bear's speech bubble to say something like "Hello Bear."

Don't believe me?
check it:

You may remember John Lurie from all those Jarmusch movies he was in way back when he was a babe. You may also remember him from one of the best shows of all time, Fishing With John.

How am I supposed to do homework, when all the Fishing With John episodes are availble on youtube?

get your fill of John Lurie's paintings and their titles here.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Monday, April 7, 2008


bored? why don't you hang out with your best friends, get matching tattoos, flash a creepy peace, eat sushi, hang out at the mall, watch romcoms til dawn, go to a dance party or three, get creeped out at denny's, get tropical, stumble into a DOG PARADE, throw a genuine surprise party for your best friend, eat a garfield cake, win at life?


Thursday, April 3, 2008

studio day

me and lizzie spent the day in the studio after i went to desert discussion, where in a fit of shocking honesty, hannah announced to the class that she like "watching films and hanging out with her friends." as a good friend that she likes watching films with, i had to say the same so that everyone wouldn't look at just her weird. then it got totally overshadowed by this annoying girl whose quirky fact was that she had a cat named "purr monster." TOO KOOKY! how much maroon can you take? this place, man....

anyway, lizzie and i had extra crispy hashbrowns and got to work. i had to do this drawing assignment where i try to compose a picture in relation to an excerpt of a mallarme poem -not illustrate it though. the fragment i received in class was about being born of stars and stars being born and did all this stuff with tense and time. i thought that it would look like a lot of fireworks so that is what i tried to draw.

obviously, it is not finished, but you get the picture.

i was whizzing along until i got distracted by realizing what was around me. the studio was so fucking funny i couldn't get anything done. everywhere i looked uchicago was putting expressive whoopie cushions all over the place.

somebody's still life. i CANNOT wait to see how this turns out.

why do i even bother when there are geniuses like this at work next to me?


other miscellaneous great things from spring break

TOO TRUE ! i spotted this nugget of truth near maggie muds in that weird part of the city that feels like an old timey fishing town. this is probably the logic i would've used when i was about 11 to convey to my potential customers that i had serious empathy for their dogs and so they should let me walk them. did you notice the 'wandering jew' nose? the single arm and leg on the human? the mercedes tattoo on the dog yelling "jump on it?" -which is kind of weird command. i like that they let you know they won't overstep the boundaries and that they are progressive enough to have a sliding scale fee. i think this is a group of weirdos that i would want walking my dog.

monica's got an aviary in her sideyard.

this dove was set free and comes back.

i had those feathered assholes eating out of the palm of my hand

i saw so much great art over break. here are just a few photographable highlights:
chris johanson at jack hanley

this is kind of how i feel about everything. which is kind of how i feel about chris johanson's art, it just says whatever it is getting at exactly right.

oh look! it's Jay Howell's show at some dumb bar. It was awesome to see this shit in person. The worker is bigger than I thought it was for some reason. SO GOOD. the weird bartenders weirded me out so i didn't take many pictures, but it was really good.

randy and i rode to the chris burden installation at lacma. the sunset made it even more exciting.

speaking of lights, did you know disneyland has a psychedelic light parade in the california adventure side? well, it does.

this is the only photo that turned out. but there are a lot of mushrooms of light being driven around on gokarts.

we did so much awesome stuff in la. there should be a lot of pictures of the sumi ink club/lucky dragons opening at hope gallery, the tiny creatures opening, rodney dangerfield dvd watching and also the california video art exhibition at the getty. which were all AWESOME, obv.

there was also this party on a huge hill with a replacements cover band, dogs, and this huge ass teepee.

look at these balloonitics!

the future is pretty bright, ya know?