Saturday, April 19, 2008


everything about this is so good: its capturing of a complex friendship, the setting of a fire escape in new york, her deadpan stare with taut lips, his warm smirk and bulging veins.
talk about style icons! -did you see her shirt?

claire says this picture of mike and me from last summer (for the microcosm website) reminded her of the one of patti and robert.

did you notice that our hands are in the same position? i think my facial expression is more like mapplethorpe's but more pinched and pensive than affectionately, outwardly proud. i think the coincidental contrast of the brick verses the limestone block background brings in the specificity of place nicely. when i was really little, i hated the limestone blocks that make up most of the older buildings in bloomington. as i got older and realized they were particular to our region in south-central indiana, i got really stoked on them aesthetically. i started appreciating the way their craggy sides were left in tact rather than thinking they were too chunky and brutalist. plus i love swimming here:

thesis thesis thesis. does anyone care what i have to say about the meaning of an anarchist avant-garde? because, apparently, i have a lot to say about it.

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