Sunday, February 10, 2008

book report

I mean I really LUV my schoolwork sometimes. Like today, after fighting off a vicious hangover with Lizzie in the coldest diner ever, i really enjoyed reading John Paul Ricco's The Logic of the Lure. Ricco uses gay cruising spots as a model for reconsidering the value of a located and permanent identity and relationality.

"What if we neither began nor ended with identity? What if the abandonment of this hermeneutic/progressivist trajectory forced a relinquishing of (re)productive forces of doing culture, say as sociological mapping, anthropological description and art historical representation? Which is to ask, along with William Haver: what if we stopped looking for either a method or an object for our research and theorizing? What if we were no longer impressed by permanence, longevity and a certain museological artifactuality rendered as evidence?... What if we were to think sex and space beyond positivizing logics of reification, commodification and privatization? In the end, what if we were to substitute something like a cruising ground for an epistemological ground?"

Q: What's sexier than art history interested in literally fucking (the system)?
A: Nothin.

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