Wednesday, September 9, 2009

life choices

I am going to move to Ukiah so I can live in this house.

It was built by this man, Sunray Kelly.

“My ideal is to try to help people reconnect to nature through my architecture.” -s.k.

Ukiah is also home to the International Latitude Observatory. While it looks like a nosy neighbor's ideal house, this slitted structure is apparently to study the hypothetical changes in latitude.

Aren't they just imaginary lines anyway? Could they change without our willing redrawing of them?

I guess I could ponder it over my morning coffee at Ellie's Mutt Hut and Vegetarian, which would be my local diner.

Ukiah seems like a drier, trashier Mendocino with a drastically wide range of weird architecture, which I think I could get into. And, according to Mother Earth News, more than half of Ukiah's electricity comes from renewable resources.

Plus, when I was google searching it, all these ads for "marijuana lawyers" came up. I wonder if Amber will become a weed lawyer; more I wonder if you can pay weed lawyers in weed.

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also the setting for the book (AND NEW HOLLYWOOD FILM), YOUTH IN REVOLT said...

Would you please remove the photo of the octagon house. We did not grant you permission to use our photo on your blog and our photos are copyrighted.

Octagon House Inventory