Monday, September 21, 2009

creature features

I think it is weird that my first clear thought after becoming stoked on this picture was "I want to have a baby."
Which I don't. At all. Even as I was thinking it I knew that it wasn't true. And when the thing that makes me want to have a baby is photograph of an eroticized pregnant freak with a skeleton mask on in a hippie lake, it makes it less about my desires and more of a sign that under no circumstances should that happen. Ever.

photo via the very very cool Acid Sweat Lodge.

1 comment: said...

looks like the skeleton face was imposed later. so this might be your future self communicating with you in a way you will always find amusing and/or appealing. tricks of future bearing-becca (future-bearing becca)? ...or maybe this is just the pregnancy fetish talking. see you next monday!