Sunday, July 20, 2008


really, guys? no comments at all on the fact that i got a missed connection from the most bland creep? does no one read this anymore? am i just yelling out into cyberspace? the pitter-pat of my typing echoing off into infinity where no one can here me digitally scream?

well, fine. just fine.
then no one will mind if i post annoying photobooth pictures....

meet peanut, the dog i am currently dogsitting.

doesn't he look like an anime lion puff? or maybe one of those teddybear backpacks from elementary school? his left leg's joints don't even connect. his leg is alway adorably dangling as he tries to move in every direction at once. it's like he is exploding from the center during a backflip. i love that nutterbutter.

1 comment:

king cobra said...

lookz lyke a vaginer