Wednesday, July 23, 2008

could you be the one?

not since daria's trent has a television character got me so aflutter. i'm not saying that i am proud of that fact, but it is true. it's just that he loves jokes like i love jokes and is so boyishly charming. the dedication to pulling pranks and the mugging for the camera is really what got me. i was a little late in coming to the american office, but let me tell you, i have more than made up for my tardiness in full-throttle dedication. i got pretty uncomfortable in the episode where jim throws a party at his house and you see his bedroom. total crush killer. there was this part where pam picks up a lava lamp in his room. in plenty of other crush's bedrooms i would think a lava lamp is a total plus, but not in this room. however, lighting missteps are easily overlooked when put next to the phenomenal pranks pulled on dwight. for instance,

i mean, really the thing is, the fantasy is so perfectly resonate. who doesn't want to think there is someone to comiserate with in a place like a michael scott-run office? we all go to places we hate, wouldn't it be nice to have that kind of dependable intimacy inspite of the terrible conditions and even made better by them?

i am okay having a crush on this.

sort of.

but then i realized what comes out of having a crush on a television character.

it pushes people to do and make things i am not okay with at all, things like this:

these are signs.
i gotta get outta this place.

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Lizzie said...

icebox woman! you sure have a knack
for putting my heart on a shelf in the back
i'm waiting my turn, oh, when will i learn?
my poor heart, your giving it freezer burn!

that was a mystik spiral lyric JUST IN CASE you didn't recognize it.
remember that episode where trent went out with that goth chick while daria watched from the window wearing an oversized mark twain t-shirt as pajamas? yeah.

also speaking of tv obsessions, you can watch every episode of the mighty boosh on youtube if you search "maightee bewsh." which i have done several times already this summer.