Sunday, January 27, 2008

showtime at the el sleezo: the two-hour cure

hey, so maybe you're feeling a sort down? a tad blue?
well, if you've got a case of the mondays or S.A.D. and don't have a dog to pet or friends to hang out with because you live in the crappiest part of the crappiest city because you're going to a school you hate, i've got a recipe that will put the world right -and all in under two hours!

The Muppet Movie (orig) is maybe the best movie I have ever seen. I actually watched in THREE times in 24 hours. I would recommend watching the movie first. It starts out slow with Kermit strumming in the swamp. There are too many great moments to really get into great detail but there are a few things I would like to point out -cameos aside.
1) the el sleezo bar is probably the best bar in the world. fozzie bear's sailor joke is the best joke. (hannah and i have SOLID plans to open a bar called the el sleezo that will also be a joke shop)
2) running gag of running gags
3) could also be called the muppet meta-movie
4) the image contained in the sentence "all i can see is millions of frogs on tiny crutches."
5) the showdown scene

(mea culpa: i kinda hate miss piggy)

so by the end of the movie you're gonna be feeling pretty okay, near good. you're gonna be a little weirded out because you're gonna be really inspired by kermit's speech to doc hopper at the showdown about what the power of collective joy can be -but roll with it. go ahead, put on "what we do is secret." and before you know it, right around the drum solo intro of 'circle one,' you're gonna be right back on track. in under two hours.

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a said...

I would like to take this opportunity to point out my favorite part of The Muppet Movie:
I know you know what mind explosion sounds and feels like. PS thanks for the germs tip