Tuesday, January 8, 2008

so this dog is in a psychiatrist's office...

so, i moved back to chicago. and that's going pretty cool. i have been taking lots of photos mostly of funny things i see walking around. but i left my camera connectin cord back in bloomington. i forgot that the best thing is living in a city and walking around feeling like it is just full of little gems, if you'd notice them. one nice feature of chicago is the alleys. since basically every has an alley, there is this parallel network that is just foot/bike traffic and trash to dig in. sometimes since the streets are so wide and you're just walking all alone on the sidewalk not encountering any other pedestrians it can start to feel like there isn't the 8 lanes of traffic next to you. its just you cruisin with this background of worn-thin hand-painted hotdog advertisements.

really, things are going surprisingly well. i am chalking it up to the great unseasonal weather. school is turning out great. zoology is going to mostly consist of the professor showing us quicktime movies of bizarro marine invertabrates and us yelling out the appropriate phylla. today, i blurted out "so cool!" in class three times while watching these crazy sea critters move in unpredictable ways. i will be sure to share the best ones.

to get in that festive school spirit, i went to go buy binders today at the office maxxx. i was yelling on the phone to hannah about how lauren berlant was my (academic) soulmate and this woman walking by me in the store started yelling "YOU GO GIRL. YOU GO GIRL!" at me. i didn't know what to do so i gave her like the biggest 'sup?' chin nod. why did she yell that? was she encouraging the idea of soulmates? i hope so. cuz that's a totally sweet goal.

speaking of soulmates, i am really into this video jay howell and jim dirschberger made.

i am pretty much way into the things jay howell makes. i mean, they are really funny and about dogs and being really stoked. duh, it's my jam.

2008=positivity and productivity.

2000cre8, dawgs!

gotta go to a videodrome screening for theories of media which is so far the professor explaining to us new yorker cartoons. gee thanks for the tip, dude.

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