Sunday, January 27, 2008

cake odyssey

so, today me and nicole got marooned on this desert island.
nicole on beach
doesn't that sand look great?

we left our lil dinghy and went to explore the island. who knew the jungle had such great photo ops?

let's get TROPICAL

we decided to hightail it out of town. and, well, our boat may have been busted, but our thumbs weren't!
keep it up

but, as you might imagine on a desert island, there wasn't much traffic.

eventually, it started getting dark. (they DO have night in the jungle, if you didn't know)
no luck

we decided to find a place to stay. luckily, there way just the cutest lil place right in town!

nicole started to make dinner.
nicole warms her hands

then we realized we had it all WRONG.

cake oddysee

it turns out we were just on a dessert island. DUH-LISH

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nicole said...

you're killing me!