Thursday, December 13, 2007

you've read this one before

i wrote this the other day, but i wanted to start posting regularly and in a better format. myspace blogs are slow.
so from12/11/07 when i was listening to in utero.

i have been stumbling on great things lately.

first, i finally tripped on a banana peel! i mean, it was a really big moment in my life -one that in never thought would actually happen. after discussing it with a few people, i am pretty sure that the right thing to do is 'pay it forward,' so to speak. if i am this stoked, i am sure some other people might be just as fulfilled by having their joke dreams come true by slipping on a banana peel. i am going to start setting up the banana peels around the city in key places. by the monkey house, single steps, in front of haha joke shop. keep you're eyes peeled!

Went to go to Sweet and Spicy on Brick Lane one last time last night and got to see my favorite painting in all of London.

my favorite painting that is in my favorite indian restaurant

this is a great painting. and it's done by a man named:
the painter of my favorite painting

Imran BUTT.

(remember when that creepy girl Lisa Butts from my class sent me the creepiest email of all time?)

Anyway, then Alec and I went to go see "Throne of Blood" the Kurosawa movie. It's the one based on Macbeth that i really like.

Woke up on time and went to the fake meat buffet off Archway. Got a great painting and ASSTRAY at a charity shop there.

donkey dish

I checked out the Jeff Wall show at White Cube. Mostly really big black and white 'near documentary' shots of working folk. It made me homesick. Then went to go see the David Shrigley show at the Stephen Friedman gallery.
This is what the main wall looks like

Some favorites:

Made some friends on the walk home.

hey there!
a proper young gentleman

But the best thing I saw all day was without a doubt this headline:
the best things i have seen in england

feeling active, feeling posi.

gonna get some of this before getting on the bus to edinburgh!
you got what i want

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