Monday, December 17, 2007


do you know what beauty is? it is an old man who spends his few last years taking care of cats on a houseboat in amsterdamn and lovingly drawing pencil sketches of them. that's what fucking beauty is.

this is poezenboot. an amazing stray cat rescue center on a houseboat that sounds like its name is "puss n boot."



the cats don't swim. i asked.

this was my favorite cat.
my favorite cat

after going on and on about what a 'pretty kitty' it was, the old man told me that this cat in fact had brain damage. i wasn't sure how to feel about that.

amsterdam is pretty okay. after lindsay and i did our community service of petting stray cats, we decided it was HIGH time for a little amsterdamian indulgence.

stay blazed
i suck at rolling joints.

peace pipe

but i do okay at smoking them.
chief giordano

then all of amsterdam got way funnier.

hot dawg!
a cool hot dawg

the patron saint of amsterdam
the patron saint of amsterdam. "not the baby!"

who's stoned?

the next day was a little less stoned. i went to check out the weegee show at the photo center. there was also a ryan mcginley show of all the roadtrip photos up too.
i really love weegee. it's such a great mix of noir and jokes. unfortunately, my camera ran out of batteries. but not before taking this one:

weegee's car
the weeg used to listen to the police radio and follow the reports as they came in. he basically lived in his car which looked like that. i love when the space we occupy becomes less and less standard and more like the spaces we want and need them to be. snail living -making your space your house, you body your home and leaving a trail. fuck yeah.

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