Monday, December 17, 2007

we smoked weed at the holography museum

who doesn't smoke weed at the holography museum?

corridor of infinity

this is the corridor of infinity. this what it is like when you timetravel?

i went (back) to the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh. But, not for the camera -for the optical illusions and the holograms, and mostly for this:
fuck yes

It is a psychedlic cave you can put your head in. Andy demonstrates.
psychedelic cave

There was this room of those glass balls that are filled with lightening or something that come to your hand when you touch it. Remember these things?

Remember snakes in a can?
haha joke shop!
me and the girl who works at this place do. She made fun me for laughing so hard when she opened the "mixed nuts" plastic can and those spring snakes exploded out. What? YOU WORK AT A JOKE SHOP. aren't you into people laughing? don't you love snakes in a can as much as i do???

I went to a few of the national galleries in Edinburgh. They were really strict about picture taking. I wasn't that in to anything so it wasn't hard to figure out which ones to wait in front of til the guard went away.

penrose's collection

This is a miniscule selection of the Penrose collection of "folk art," "high art" that is based on "folk art" and really cool rocks. Roland Penrose hung with some up there dudes.

He was married to Lee Miller.

This photo is of her and also demonstrating the technique she pioneered solarization. Coincidentally, Lindsay and I had gone to the Victoria and Albert museum to see a show of hers a few weeks ago. It was really good.

Anyway, this little box is inside a library space in the museum with lots and lost of books on art and rocks. But you can't read them. They are literally roped off. What a dumb curatorial decision!

I really like looking at other people's collections. I used to go to the Forbes Gallery on Fifth Ave alot when I was at Lang. It was basically a rich weirdos favorite things on display forever. It has lots of old toys and this great display where you look into a glass opening and there is a reflection of your head with the body of a young boy laying in bed and playing war with tin toys. Next to the display is a picture of Regan grinning really huge looking in. I really liked the fake parlour house wall in the Pompidou. kewlkewlkewl
Knickknacks and art all mixed together. The things I liked most when I was younger were also like this, but in smaller packages. Joseph Cornell's boxes were so important to me when I was young. And Susan Hiller's "From the Freud Musuem" was a little later. I just want to go through other people's stuff.

In fact, I have to go scan a bunch of radical gossip ephemera.

me as a baby
half me, half stock baby. thanks camera obscura!

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