Friday, August 21, 2009

The Dave Dilemma

I am in love with Dave Grohl.

What I can't tell is whether I love David Duchovy or Dave Grohl more.
Did I stop forming crushes when I was 9?


Gentle Bean said...

im crushin hard on this 16 year old I met at a house party who carries weed in a salt shaker, rolls sloppy joints and wears runny eyeliner!!

nice to meet you outta the blogosphere! you are cordially invited to our place anytime to watch blu-rayz and pet our dog!

did you mention carl sagan the other nite or did i just make that up? im at the library right now lookin up books. lemme know.

party animal said...

You missed him rolling another floor joint and inviting my friend Amina to his house to watch a movie!!

I am always babbling about the cosmos, so it is entirely likely that I mentioned my man Sagan.