Wednesday, November 17, 2010


10 Rajendra Shyam, from Signature - Patterns in Gond Art (Tara Books)
I could look at this all day.

Signature - Patterns in Gond Art (Tara Books)  007

The Gond are from central India. Traditionally, they paint these ropey, bright figures on the walls. Now, these fantastic creatures are ending up on paper for sale in the West. They feature all the same animals I like: peacocks, snakes, dogs, tiny birds, anything with horns and antlers.  The way branching and fanning works with the geometric patterns is so impressive to me. And the color is just spectacular. I would like to just lay here in bed and think about snakes forming branches for birds and antlers burst with leaves, if someone would just come over to flip the "Rumors in Disguise" LP that I can't stop listening to.

Shellshag "Resilient Bastard"

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