Friday, October 22, 2010



This song is so good. In surfin' da u-tube for Pierced Arrows videos, a word of advice: if you've liked Pierced Arrows since it was Dead Moon or you get what makes them magical at all, then don't watch the Scion/Vice video for this song. I know the video above kind of sucks too, but it is nothing like a visual representation of punk by people who also put cars that look like toasters and this kind of garbage into the world:

The video looks and sounds all wrong. Clean guitars and visual aesthetics that indicate they thought Pierced Arrows was a goth band.  It's disappointing to see a band that is so meaningful be so misconstrued and to know they had a hand in it. I'm not even talking about a selling out (although, I think there is probably plenty to say about that -it's just boring and sad to write about). I mean more that seeing something that used to feel so fantastically weird and specific get gutted and polished to fit a totally weird perception. It's also strange to consider that the exec's over at some pretty big places seem to think teens want to idolize Fred and Toodie and even more deranged that those same teens could possibly do that and want to buy a Scion too.  I like the idea of teens seeing the way that Fred and Toodie live as a valid, admirable and obtainable model. But DIY and punk isn't supposed to be about hero worship and copying

Let us not forget our great obligation to ourselves.

Here's the link to the Scion video if you really want to see it: crapola