Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hey does anyone want to start watching a bunch of Czech movies with me? I am very hungover. After vomming into the compost bucket, I spent the better part of the day alternately watching the Mighty Boosh (will Old Greg ever stop being funny?) and looking up Czech movies I want to see. I want to watch some of the new wave stuff, but as part of a wider range.

Right before I left Bloomington, Anders brought home Jiri Menzel's I Served the King of England.

So much of it is about showcasing this class fantasy where by getting closer to the rich through service there is class ascension as if by osmosis. There is this great part I keep thinking about where the broke-ass protagonist throws change on the ground in front of rich men to watch them stoop before him. I am so into that being his private revenge. Stylistically, there were these really weird weak moments especially the ugly computer animated money falling sequences. It wasn't even that they were that bad, it was just that they could've been so cool! The the Nazi eugenics fuck factory sequence was pretty cool too and looked incredible. Jiri Menzel directed Closely Watched Trains which has maybe the best masturbation scene ever. He is also an actor and was in a bunch of Vera Chytilova's early films. I was talking about Daisies the other day and it reminded me that there are a bunch of her movies that I still haven't seen.

I mean the all of Daisies is incredible, but that foodfight scene is fucking phenomenal.

High up on the too-be-watched list is Fruit of Paradise. The color saturation is o.o.c like idyllic backgrounds oozing greens and browns with long-hair and titties everywhere.

There are a lot of beach party scenes too!

I cannot wait to see Prefab Story from '79. Comments on urban planning!

Plus in looking up the complete list of Chytilova's work I started reading about Juraj Jakubisko's work. WOW OH WOW.
He made a saga using the lifecycles and habits of a bee!? The Thousand Year Old Bee?

Plus these stills are from a movie from '69 where weirdos squat a church called Birds, Orphans, and Fools. Plus a new movie called Bathory(NOT the Swedish black metal band) about a Hungarian countess who supposedly bathed in the blood of young Slovak women AND is the most expensive movie in the history of Czech cinema! THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKIN ABOUT.

Anders was telling me about Svankmajer's Alice in Taxidermied Wonderland, Alice.

That one is gonna be on the list for sure.

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders -a freaky gothic about menstration!

There is a documentary called Pictures from the Old World from 1972 that looks so incredible.

And there's Forman too!

Do they eat popcorn in the Czech Republic?

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i looked up THE THOUSAND YEAR OLD BEE on netflix fully convinced i wouldn't be able to find it, which was correct. however, the first two films it did bring up are THE FORTY YEAR OLD VIRGIN and THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, so i can only imagine that the chzech film is something of an amalgamation of the two. hopefully i can track a copy down and chzech it out- it looks really pragueressive.

FRUIT OF PARADISE looks like quite the jammy- any weirdo freaky take on a biblical story is a winner. the visual style really reminds me of ukrainian photographer BORIS MIKHAILOV, a favie. i don't know if you ever saw the book i have of his- YESTERDAY'S SANDWICH, an earlier series of his where he places two slides on top of the other to produce a single surreal, QuiTe beautiful exposure. seems some similar technique was implemented in the film.

why don't you head over and we'll watch some of these movies.