Sunday, April 5, 2009


The other day Clancy and Joe and I were talking about sexy-unsexy Halloween costumes. The whole idea is you can make an utterly unsexy thing into a clever Halloween costume by making the sexy version of it. It's supposed to be making fun of the way that squares treat Halloween - an excuse to wear underwear for clothes by calling it a costume or putting on bunny ears. Which is fine, but not very smart or funny and a real waste of a costume tradition. In the sexy-unsexy category, some past highlights for me include Sexy Gallagher (complete with an inflatable hammer and a miniskirt with suspenders over a giant shirt -no big couch) and from this year, Sexy Mr Peanut.

Clancy said that Cara did sexy Garfield, which is a real gem.

Then it hit me, the greatest sexy unsexy to date - THE SCREAM MASK.

Slash that dumpy robe into a sexy tank dress, put some fake eyelashes on those haunting black pits, and smear some red lipstick all over that pouty ghost mouth - IT IS TIME TO GET FREAKY

it really does look like an 'O-FACE'

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evan said...

I like the sexy ghost - white sheet with eye holes tied at the midriff.