Sunday, May 25, 2008

secret beach

it's no secret that i love beaches. but today on the megabus (single-decker) back to chicago, i started thinking about how everyone needs their own secret beaches. what i mean is, when i get bummed out it becomes brutally clear how much place becomes important. having both mental and physical spaces that become refuges seem to me to be one of the healthiest defenses against the annoying and sometimes devastating shit life throws at you.

going to bloomington is that kind of defense for me.

it's always going to be my secret beach.



because everybody likes hanging out and drinking beer like i like drinking beer and hanging out,

because its in the....


becuz of pupppppy love
meet rawny's new dog! -as yet to be named.

he was rescued from a shelter that is closing down in marion, indiana. a place i have never been, but the way rawny and kater were describing it, it sounds like absolute hell on earth. stacked cages, overrun with uncared for and dirty animals. and creeps.
this handsome lover was named "whitey" by the trashy skinheads that ran the shelter. wtf!?

because of the funniest local graffiti! because of lindsay's lazy eye! because of dumb jokes!

speaking of dumb jokes, i love bloomington because i get to hangout out with my dad. who this weekend uttered my new favie phrase when talking about how awkward my mother can be. "yeah, becca," he explained, "she is a real turd in a punchbowl."
yes, dad, she can ruin a party.

i always know where to find my

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